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How To Stay Sober After Rehab

Moving From Rehab To Typical Life

Achieving sobriety after therapy is quite a feat and the real work of staying sober is just only starting. Creation of novel leisure activities and establishment of targets help maintain abstinence.

It is way easier for a person to withdrawal from the drugs if they are in a rehab facility because they will be monitored there.

Rehab can provide a great foundation for security along with the tools that are required to heal and cope even after the individual has left the facility.

Getting back to normal life sometimes becomes challenging after a person leaves the rehab clean.

The best way to prevent relapse is by recognizing the triggers that might tempt you. This way you can stay clean.

Managing Urges And Triggers Post Rehabilitation

Transitioning from rehab back to normal daily life can be challenging.

Once you are back in the real world, time and again triggers and situations that pushed you toward the path of addiction might confront you again.

Finding yourself in old familiar places, situations and people that bring back those negative emotions may drive you back to the old habits.

However, there are activities that can divert your attention from the drugs such as:

  • Finding A Solid Support System
  • Hang out with clean people and your loved ones who are willing to lend you a helping hand in your effort to stay clean.
  • Participate in support groups or have a reliable confidant who will not only police your negative tendencies but also holds you accountable for your actions and commitment.
  • Modify Your Environment
  • After leaving the facility and before reaching home, you should be asking a loved one or an individual you trust to discard any paraphernalia from your place.
  • Manage to stay away or redesign rooms or places to avoid rekindling old feelings that may trigger your substance abuse.
  • Commit To Realistic And Achievable Goals
  • You will find yourself better equipped to handle temptations after you have defined what you want to achieve in future.
  • It provides you with the focus to hold on to when times get rough and makes it easier for you to keep on track.
  • Go For Check Ups And Counsel Sessions
  • Attendance of clinic visitation with your physician or at the place where you received treatment is important.
  • It is always challenging to keep going for these appointments but they are very important.
  • Take time to appreciate.
  • Becoming aware of the good things in your life will make you realize that you are indeed lucky, and then you wouldn't want to throw them away.
  • You can keep a journal of your life's journey throughout the days that you have left the rehab facility.
  • Replace Old Bad Habits With New Healthy Habits
  • Look for a fresh practice that is good and keep doing it over and over again because according to a research documented in the European Journal of Social Psychology, the time for a new practice to be second nature to one is about two months.

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Keep Clean By Engaging In Sober Activities

It is critical that you replace your old habits with new positive habits, which will be helpful during the recovery.

Clean activities can be a lot of fun too and you don't need drugs to enjoy a good time.

Call us immediately on 0800 246 1509 if you want to revisit rehabilitation centre or you want to sustain your newly found abstinence.

You can keep yourself mentally busy with these positive activities to stay clean after rehab:

  • Workout
  • Meditation
  • Involvement in athletics
  • Reading
  • Take part in art works
  • Educate yourself
  • Learn a new language
  • Take up farming
  • Help in communal activities

Join Support Groups That Provide A Community Feel

After leaving the rehab, there are many support group that you can register with and continue being clean. Involvement in jobs and hobbies with like minds, participation in social meetings, going for psychological consultations enables you to keep inspiring people within reach.

The 12 stages programs, counselling sessions and Narcotics Anonymous are some of the support groups that you can join today.

Can You Keep Sober When In The Presence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

This could just be one of the trigger situations that could test your control where it is best to just skip altogether. The urge to drink can overpower someone and make them relapse on their recovery.

In cases where you are cornered to deal with alcohol, you may just be able to save yourself from it.

What to do to resist urges in social gatherings:

  • Surround yourselves with people that can be trusted and visit the setting with a sober friend.
  • Only pick non-alcoholic beverages and keep them in your hands to keep you occupied.
  • Arrive later and/or leave earlier to shorten your stay at the party.
  • The moment you feel your resolve is getting a little weaker, get out of the party immediately.

Why It Is Necessary To Get Sober And Remain That Way

Health is one of the primary benefits to keep yourself clean and sober. Physical health benefits apart, there are many other reasons to stay clean. These include:

  • The company of good friends and family
  • Frugal spending
  • Living a happy and amazing life
  • Always having a high life esteem
  • Physical and mental improvements
  • Becoming an example and a source of anticipation for others who could be struggling with an addiction

Recovering from an addiction of drugs or alcohol could be one of the hardest things you will ever have to overcome. The devotion and struggle might be throughout one's life: it is never simple and fast. The will to be sober will help you in the recovery process in the long run even when it is a challenging process.

Direction is more important than speed when you start your recovery. When you begin to feel the temptations to revert back to your old habits, you must make an effort to remember why you wanted to achieve sobriety in the first place.